I am

A creator of funky wearable art, my truest desire is for each one of us to share the message of love by living passionately, and celebrating who we were created to be. I believe that loving each other starts with loving ourselves. Celebrate your unique self....whatever that means to you.

"Live with passion and believe in love."

I am here to remind you

of the stuff that really matters to YOU: self care, self expression, and the stuff that means living a wildly happy and balanced life.


The Pure story...

What began as creating "love message" cuffs has grown into an amazing business of designing leather and metal adornments for people to wear and share their message. It's something that has brought the most amazing people into my life and I'm so grateful the opportunity for the true nature of PureSoul to take shape.

PureSoul Holistics was born out of my passion to help people live a healthy lifestyle, honoring all that is sacred to you, and celebrating with love your wildly unique spirit. These products pay tribute to the healing nourishment of spirit and of the earth.